The 12.21pm Game At Tilt

Posted: January 15, 2011 in Fulltilt Scene

Well as promised I have come back to post my report on the game, I am happy to say another win, tried to get the screen-shot fr you all to see but forgot at the last moment.

The game itself  lasted an hour which is about right for a 6 player SNG. We had one loose player at the table so as always he went out first. I have to say though the quality of players that are playing in these SNGs is getting better, I remember when you could complete a game in less than an hour but all my games have taken at least that.

I might just try one more today and maybe when I have a little more time I will try to record the game so you can see just how I play my game. I do not mind giving away a little info.



I entered another game soon after playing the game above, what a moron I am, I went to click ALT and print screen to grab a screen-shot of another 6 seated SNG and pushed the power button on my keyboard. Dang nabit, this stuff is just getting a little to technical now.

So anyway another win so that’s two from two so far I may just squeeze one more in before football starts today as I like to keep up with the scores as they go in.

The Table Below Shows Some Of My Recent Games:

212114287 15-Jan-11  06:24 NL Holdem $5 1/6 $14
212102368 15-Jan-11  05:23 NL Holdem $5 1/6 $14
211970925 14-Jan-11  15:19 NL Holdem $5 1/6 $14
211714072 13-Jan-11  17:56 NL Holdem $2 117/261 -$2.25
211720885 13-Jan-11  14:02 NL Holdem $5 5/6 -$5.50
211709469 13-Jan-11  13:09 NL Holdem $5 1/6 $14
211681560 13-Jan-11  12:11 NL Holdem $2 1/27 $19.35
211518249 12-Jan-11  17:01 NL Holdem $1 4/18 $0.60


Posted: April 5, 2007 in Fulltilt Scene

Hi Everyone,

Sometime ago I was running this Blog but time did not allow me to keep posting. I know have a little time to add a few comments about what I am doing and what I have been doing for the past two years.

So where to start ? I guess at the beginning would be the best idea. A few years back I was running an online Poker League Called Pokerchipsquad but that just took up so much of my time I decided to call it a day and move on to pastures new.

I got involved with buying and selling again via online auctions and do pretty well at that but I have only just started playing a little more poker. I have only been playing at the one site for now and playing for low limits and as most will know I try to stick to the SNG ( Sit And Go ) as less time is needed. Tournament poker is just to long now whit the amount of players that are entering. I still see some of my old players at the tables and I have to admit that I do miss them from time to time.

So were am I playing I hear you ask!! Well at present I play at Fulltlt Poker, over the past two weeks I have played just the six games and have to say have done pretty well. I started with a small bankroll ( $2.00 ) and have built that up to $150.00 playing the SNG tables. Mt last six results reads as follows: 1st / 1st / 2nd / 1st / 1st  / 1st that is pretty good going. I have started to study the players at the table more than I used to and use their weaknesses against them.

I will pop back from time to time to add to this Blog mainly after each game result. It is now 12.21pm and I am going to play a small $5.00 SNG at Tilt and will report back as to how I got on.

Feel free to post or add your own comments here.